Having been described as “Scotlands answer to Devil Driver” Slioch have been playing metal from the heart of the Scottish Highlands.

Slioch draw from a myriad of inspirations to form their own unique sound, with lyrics incorporating Scotland’s varied mythology and history. Technical ability combined with hook driven song-crafting result in memorable music and an incendiary live performance.

Slioch (pronounced Shlee-ugh – as in “loch”) are a five piece metal band from the Highlands of Scotland. Named after the munro which shadows over Kinlochewe in the West Highlands, Slioch are a fierce new act mixing a variety of inspirations to create their own unique sound. The Inverness outfit – guitarist Craig Paterson, bassist Tim Latham, drummer Andy Nisbet and vocalist Mata Druim – have a clear statement of intent and a wealth of experience to draw on. After spending time rehearsing, Slioch emerged on to the metal scene with an impressively confident four track EP – recorded at Wall of Sound, Edinburgh – before performing in the final heat of the Inverness round of Metal 2 the Masses.

Here is the title track from the latest EP ‘Ancestors Beyond The Sky’.

Whilst not winning the competition, Slioch found themselves embraced by their audience, picking up many devoted fans eager to see the band live again. Maintaining momentum, Slioch have since been featured on the Shetland based heavy metal podcast “Heavy Metal Buffet”, having their track “Darkness Devoured” played to appreciative listeners. Online metal magazine “The Moshville Times” then promoted the band as their “Band of the Day”, speaking very highly of the quintet and comparing their music to that of US big hitters DevilDriver. Slioch later began rotation on Glasgow based “Warrior Radio” as well as “Radio Wigwam”. In October of 2017 Slioch returned to Wall of Sound Studio in Edinburgh and recorded their second EP “Ancestors Beyond the Sky”.

The forth and final track from their EP ‘Ancestors Beyond The Sky’ is ‘Churches Curses’.

Slioch draw their lyrical inspiration directly from the heart of Scottish history, mythology and folklore. In an attempt to keep their rich history and mythology alive Slioch delve into the darkest recesses of history with songs about the cannibal outlaw Sawny Bean, shapeshifting kelpies and Scotlands bloody history.

Slioch have set their sights on further recordings in April of 2018 and are currently competing for a chance to play Heavy Scotland Festival. Slioch are planning a tour in late 2018 and will be travelling around Scotland to showcase their live performance.

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