Sister Shotgun


Like their name suggests, Sister Shotgun is here to blow your mind!

Sister Shotgun are a modern rock and metal band hailing from the midlands. Founded in late 2012 Sister Shotgun pride themselves on creating stadium sounding choruses With aggressive melodic guitar hooks and Charasmatic performances.

Sister Shotgun released their first single “For The Love of Hate” in 2013 with an accompanying music video which was well recieved across several countries and became a fan favorite amongst their live performances, This helped them set up for their future endevours and gained them supporting slots with bands such as Fearless Vampire Killers, Toseland, William Control and Kobra and the lotus.

Check out Sister Shotguns latest single ‘Sacred Heart’ below

Into 2014 Sister Shotgun managed to find themselves in the “Local Heroes” section of popular music magazine Kerrang, This caused them to gain a bigger following and found “For the Love of Hate” in the hands of Unsigned/Talent DJ Alex Baker who reviewed the single and labelled it “Tight and Rocksteady”, Shortly After Sister Shotgun found themselves performing a Unsigned and Unplugged competition hosted by Kerrang Radio which took them to the finals.

The bands awesome single ‘Silhouettes’

Sister Shotgun continued their progress releasing their second single “NO HOPE” which began to show their progression within their writing and skill being a hit amongst their fans again which enabled them to headline the 02 Academy 3 Birmingham and infamous venue Robin 2, They made appearances at Festivals, MacMillan and FortFest as well as landing more supporting slots with bands such as InMe, Butcher Babies, Sumo Cyco, DevilSkin.

Sister Shotgun in present day have released their E.P “DEVOUR” which was recorded by Romesh Dodangoda ( Having worked with,Bullet for my valentine,Funeral for a Friend and Motorhead). DEVOUR has sold globally and enabled them to team up with SYD promotions and TKO Music Agency and began Touring all over the UK, Sister Shotgun are set to perform at Hard Rock Hells Metal Festival in 2018.

Lets see what Chloe Ozwell has to say about Vocalzone!!

“Vocalzone has changed my singing and warm up routine. I can’t do a show without them. My throat feels soothed and I feel I can tackle a rigorous live show with ease. No vocal discomfort, no struggling just a really clean sound and clear airways.”

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