Sectile are a five-piece prog metal band from Dublin, Ireland.

Their music combines the classic, melodic prog of the 80/90’s with contemporary technical metal, composing heavy, riff-driven somber soundscapes coupled with powerhouse vocals.

Watch the latest music video from Sectile being ‘The Hunt’ below.

Formed in November 2016, Sectile released their debut self-titled EP in November 2017 to a positive reception, receiving coverage in HotPress and MetalIreland, as well as being featured on radio stations across Ireland and the UK. In 2018, Sectile launched a new single – ‘The Hunt’ indicating the musical direction that would be the basis of ‘Falls Apart’, the band’s first full-length album out in February 2020. Notable gigs to date include renowned Irish metal festival ‘Siege of Limerick’ on April 2018, two finals of Metal2TheMasses Ireland and ‘ProgMetalMadness Live’ 2019 in London with headliners Sümer and Voices from The Fuselage.

Lsiten to their single ‘Here Comes The Rain’ From their debut EP below! 

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