Ryan Greaves

Hailing from the New Forest, Singer-Songwriter Ryan Greaves understood from a young age that his gift for word craft was always something which he was destined to share with the world.

Since picking up an acoustic guitar for the first time in his mid-teens, Ryan hasn’t once looked back.

Raised with his parents eclectic music taste, Ryan drew early inspiration from artists such as; Elvis Presley, Queen, David Gray and Elton John- influences which he cites ‘showed him’ how to create the beautifully vivid and heartfelt journeys his songs take you on.
Though, his own love for Hip-Hop music and fast-paced, tongue-twisting-lyricism is the unexpected card Ryan keeps hidden up his sleeve- enabling him to change the pace of his live shows so that the audience never knows what’s coming.

Described by Express FM’s Russell Hill as, ‘One of the most gifted songwriters I’ve had the pleasure of hearing’, Ryan’s sound is impossible to place under any one genre, and with three EP’s and three UK tours under his belt, he doesn’t look set to slow down any time soon.’

The first single and Title Track from Ryan Greaves Debut EP ‘Get Set, Go’.

One month later, Ryan released his second EP- “Halcyon”, alongside a sold-out launch show at Southampton’s legendary “Frog & Frigate”.
Drawing inspiration from his own endeavours, Ryan penned more than 50 songs for his follow-up release, eventually settling on what he described as “The best five songs at the time”.

Following the release of “Halcyon”, The lead single- “When She Loved Me”, was also selected by BBC INTRODUCING to be broadcast as part of their regional show, with Presenter Steph Nieuwenhuys describing it as “An acoustic, earnest track lamenting that lost love which we can all identify with!”

A video for the track was released in March 2017 via Youtube, aswell as Ryan’s official Facebook page, with views on the latter well in excess of 12,000.

Watch the video for ‘When She Loved Me’ below.

2017 saw Ryan return to the studio, to work quietly alongside his long time Producer, Joe Lewis-Brown, on new music. However, this didn’t stop Ryan’s determination- as well as playing some 120 shows, he also featured on three separate releases, two of which, were selected to be played by BBC INTRODUCING.

In November ’17, Ryan returned to the road again, embarking on his second UK Tour. Longer than his first, this tour saw Ryan play a total of 13 shows in just 10 days. As of December 2017, Ryan’s song “Wait”, taken from the “Halcyon” EP, was chosen by listeners of Southampton’s local radio station, VOICE FM, to be the Anthem of the year.

Ryan plans to release more new music in 2018.

Let’s see what Ryan Greaves has to say about Vocalzone!

“Vocalzone has completely changed the way in which I approach my live performances. Since I discovered Vocalzone in 2015, my vocal ability has only gotten better. I always ensure I have at least 2 packs with me before every show, just so I know that I’m giving the best performance I possibly can!”

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