Rob Jarvis


Rob Jarvis Is British Singer/Songwriter from London!

Rob Jarvis has played in dirty rock bands for longer than he care’s to remember and has been roaming around the world. His influences are incredibly varied, but a rocker he is… and whats wrong with that anyway?

One of these bands was none other then The Mercury Sons, Taking influence heavily from big riffing rock bands such as Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and Stone temple Pilots, through the modern melodic stylings of Biffy Clyro and Foo Fighters and further afield to pretty much whatever they feel like at the time… Rob Jarvis and The Mercury Sons are kicking out a breed of punchy, dynamic, alternative rock Music, was not to be ignored.

Check out ‘Just To Make You Happy’ below!

Rob has just returned to the UK for a short while after not two or three, But an incredible seven weeks in Nashville, writing material for a brand new record; can’t wait to get back and start tracking some new music. A truly amazing experience where he got to collaborate with some other amazingly talented writers, meet some amazing people and of course make a little mischief..

Chaos will follow shortly i can assure you. Just look at what Alex Baker from Kerrang had to say! – “My god this guy is good, thunderous rock vibes.”

Let’s see what Rob Jarvis has say about Vocalzone!

“I’ve been a committed user of vocalzone, throughout my live and studio career so far. the pastilles especially; have been a vital part of my post vocal rituals and vocal health routine. Definitely got me through some sticky situations, when the show must go on!

A great product from a company that concentrate on and care about helping vocalists out, regardless of their level.”

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