In the midst of overbearing female pop idols and a plethora of guitar bands, OVVLS had made a pact to go against the grain and be anything but ordinary.

With musical backgrounds that were worlds apart, the pair fused to break boundaries and challenge genre ideals producing music that has been said to ‘flirt with psychedelia, post-punk and rock n roll sounds without ever pledging allegiance to one’.

As played on BBC 6 Music, the perfectly pitched harmonies and soft tones contrast the morbidity that seeps from lyrics depicting the emotional turmoil of being a millennial battling through the age of false idealisms and filtered images. This is further harnessed through hypnotic rhythms and dark soundscapes giving the band a sound that much exceeds sonic expectation from two people.

Spreading their wings, here is OVVLS latest music video ‘Black Butterfly’.

“One of Liverpool’s most exciting and industrious acts”BIDO LITO

But OVVLS are more than just music…

Renowned for their unusual collaborations, OVVLS invest much of their time making the music an all round experience. From live visual shows to releasing singles as ‘message in a bottle’ style USBs, the band’s ethos has quickly grabbed attention of press around the globe resulting in shows in the likes of New York and Philadelphia and playing on line-ups including likeminded artists such as Clinic, Let’s Eat Grandma and Warpaint. This isn’t music for the masses; it’s music for the drifters, make believers, incessant thinkers and hopeless romantics.

Check out their music video for ‘Less Then Pure’.

“OVVLS are always looking to do something special.” – CLASH

Let’s see what Stephannie has to say about Vocalzone!

I started using Vocalzone back in 2013 when I was introduced to the pastilles by another vocalist who I was touring with at the time. Since then, I don’t go without them! From live shows to studio sessions, there’s never a Vocalzone box far from my side. They give my voice clarity and give me the confidence to perform at my best, even when my voice becomes tired and overworked. Another huge plus for me is that Vocalzone is vegan too, including the new Honey and Lemon flavour!

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