Life Against Time


Not just for fans of metal Life Against Time are able to play around with multiple genres!

Life Against Time are a progressive metalcore band from Worcestershire…. with a cinematic quality and mission to stir hope and defiance in their listeners.  They bring a unique blend of brutal rhythms, soaring vocals and melodic guitar lines.  With influences as diverse as Architects, Radiohead and My Vitriol, the band has a sound all of its own and can go from ambient to heavy in the blink of an eye.

Constantly evolving and learning lessons all the while,Life Against Time have put all their time and effort in a brand new single ‘Broken Love Song’. Aching of romance and with the primordial fury of metal, the track is available on all platforms and shows exciting prospects for the future of Life Against Time and music in general.

When asked about the writing of the song Guitarist Lee McLaughlin’s had this to say “Most of the time, I dont enter into an idea with something in mind. It just happens set by the feeling of the music. I’m not consciously trying to say anything but i guess i must be because im agreeing on the words that are coming out. Thats it in a nutshell. I think the music creates a feel and words get set to that and we try not to be too literal so people can read into it what they want or what works for them”

Comprising of Lee Mclaughlin leading on vocals and guitar along with Chris Bailey, Graham Howard on bass and last but not least Andy Bloy on the drums LAT have released two singles through SLL Records, “What You Have” and “Surrender”, which have been well-covered in the rock press and featured on a variety of radio stations.  The band are currently working on their third single, to be released in Spring 2018, before embarking on a series of live dates. The members came together from diverse and surprising musical backgrounds for a heavy band.  The individual tastes and input of the four-piece combine on each song to create something unique. 


Check out the latest single from Life Against Time called ‘Surrender’ below.

Meticulous in their craft, new music is never unleashed until all are confident that it is the best possible and is going to create a reaction.  Ultimately, their music is designed to have a positive impact on people and lift them above the mundane.

Let’s see what Life Against Time has to say about Vocalzone!

“LAT use vocalzone for recordings and live shows. They help us deliver clear and precise vocals effortlessly… for us, they’re a must have”

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