Lee Christian

Lee Christian has been around the world of music for many years as a vocalist, podcaster, promoter and many other roles within the industry. 

Lee has been using Vocalzones for his singing (including bands Smilex, The Prohibition Smokers’ Club, boywithatoy, Chateaux69, solo efforts and guest spots), in many other acts and also speaking as a compère at live events, radio, podcast and youtube host since around the turn of the century, He recounts having Vocalzone by his side once or twice in the late nineties in college doing music technology and making demos.

During Smilex sets Lee would switch from falsetto to full power vocal to screams within bars so he would not only have them the recommended amount of time before the gig but also keep one tucked in the back of his mouth between gum and cheek during the set. Lee can’t overstate how helpful they were, especially on a punishing UK tour schedule (with the after partying antics’ effects too!)
In terms of keeping his voice on good form, he has even had mornings where he couldn’t speak and after a couple of Vocalzones been ready to sing that night over a dozen years of use!

In Lee’s other projects he sings all sorts of styles and has played at many cool events and venues including the Cornbury, Wychwood and Truck Festivals, St Geroge’s Hall, The Cavern and The Royal Philharmonic in Liverpool and always has a pack on hand at his gigs, in the studio and at home. Lee recommends them to any singers, speakers or even just heavy smokers sometimes!

Let’s see what Lee Christian has to say about Vocalzone!

“I always have a pack of Vocalzone on hand at my gigs, in the studio and at home and recommend them to any singers, speakers or even just heavy smokers sometimes!”