Kev Howell


Going from one thing to another is none other than Kev Howell and with his debut album released we are more then just excited!

Influenced by artists such as The Beatles, Jack White, B.R.M.C and Nick Cave, In 2014 Glasgow based singer-songwriter; Kev Howell began working on original material as a solo artist, producing home demos with the help of a loop station, an old eight-track machine and some digital software.

He self-released his debut album ‘Haunting Ambition’ and EP ‘Snipers Blues’. His first single ‘Kamikaze’ was featured on the website of U.S rock band ‘Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’ and his music has been described as “Bewitching and Sublime” by California based reviewer ‘Indiepulse’.

Here is Kev Howell performing an acoustic version of his debut album track ‘Distance’ live at Maybank Studios. watch the video below!

“The album offers up 9 tracks telling stories, filled with poetic lyrics and infectious melodies laced around a unique blend of rock, throwing a nod of the head to the psychedelic undercurrents of the sixties rather than the modern, post-psychedelic tapestry of today.” – Louder Than War.

Now a solid four-piece band playing a unique blend of Rock and Blues combined with poetic lyrics, infectious melodies and hypnotic riffs, they would fit in at any festival and are starting to captivate audiences with their engaging live performance.

Also from the debut album called ‘Haunting Ambition’ is the second single called ‘Nightbird’. check out the video below!

Since his introduction in 2017, Kev has shared the live stage with memorable artists including, John power, Ben Ottewell, Bill Ryder-Jones, The Glorious Sons, Bang Bang Romeo and Red Rum Club to name a few. The music shows refined and proficient musicianship and continues to gather fans, followers and streams worldwide with songs like ‘Ode to an Angel’ amassing just over 40k streams. Kev Howell will releasing new music at the beginning of 2020 with further plans to tour.

Let’s see what Kev Howell has to say about Vocalzone!

“Vocalzone has been a lifesaver, particularly when recording my debut album away from home for weeks at a time. Always a pack in my guitar case.”

Follow Kev Howell on either Songkick or Bandsintown to see where he is performing next!