Johnny Malice


Johnny Malice is a vocalist from Glasgow, Scotland. Best known for his work in UPROAR and TITAN BREED.

Johnny developed a passion for singing from a very young age, with influences ranging from soul to country and of course rock and metal!  As soon as he was old enough, Johnny was performing in front of a crowd at every opportunity.  Beginning by playing covers songs at a number of open mic nights around the city of Glasgow, then onto writing original songs in a variety of musical projects.

Check out Uproar’s music video for ‘Forever Burning’ below!

Since then he has spent years singing in a wide range of styles that demand a lot from his voice, and is currently heading up not just one, but two of Scotland’s fastest rising metal bands, UPROAR and TITAN BREED.

Below is Johnny Malice along with the Gargantuan thrashers that are Titan Breed, listen to ‘Everytime’ now!

Both of these projects have enabled Malice to perform all over the UK, including performances with TITAN BREED at Bloodstock Open Air – one of the UK’s premier rock & metal festivals – as well as a UK tour opening for ex-Manowar guitarist Ross The Boss with his other project UPROAR.  Singing in two heavy bands keeps Johnny’s voice extremely active and keeping it healthy is top priority.

As of writing, Johnny is currently gearing up to hit the studio with both bands to record new releases due out in 2019.

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Johnny Malice/ Alien Weponry

Let’s see what Johnny Malice has to say about Vocalzone!

“I’ve been using Vocalzone ever since Titan Breed performed at Bloodstock and they’ve become an absolute necessity for performing both live and in the studio.  Vocalzone not only helps me to recover after a live show – Lemon, Ginger and Manuka tea my current favourite – but using the pastilles about an hour before I hit the stage makes transitioning between my singing and screaming vocals all the easier, as well as reducing the overall strain on my voice.”

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