Jenova is a Dublin based metal act.

Having gigged relentlessly all over Ireland, Jenova has carved out a reputation for intense and exciting live shows. They self released their debut EP ‘The Less You Know The More You Sleep’ in 2017 and have supported established international touring bands such as NeObliviscaris, Oceans of Slumber, Unfathomable Ruination and Bloodshot Dawn. Jenova was also delighted to received the ‘Metal Radio Ireland 2017 Best New Band’ award.

Take a look at where it all started with ‘Nail The Eye’ below!

Playing their first gig in November 2015 Jenova have gone from strength to strength. From being the opening band at local gigs in 2016 to playing the main stage at The Siege of Limerick in 2018 and receiving critical acclaim for their debut EP ‘The Less You Know The More You Sleep’ Jenova are currently writing material for their second release.

From their debut EP ‘The Less You Know, The More You Sleep’ comes the lyric video for ‘The Walking Dead’!

Jenova do not restrict themselves to a particular subgenre of metal. ‘Death Metal’ being the easiest way to describe their overall sound, Their music is low tuned with a prevailing groove to it, not relying on speed to deliver intensity. They are influenced by and incorporate many different styles into their music. Their influences range from death metal, black metal, hardcore, deathcore and djent to name but a few. Also jazz and classical music outside of metal.

Let’s see what Brian Harrington has to say about Vocalzone!

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