Infected Dead


Infected Dead are a Technical Death Metal 5-piece from the Medway Towns in Kent. They are heavily inspired by the works of H.P Lovecraft and are well known for their blistering speed and inhuman vocals.

They erupted onto the live scene in 2017 quickly establishing themselves with audiences throughout the country, thanks to their break-neck intensity and savage hooks.

In May of that year Infected Dead won the Kent Metal To The Masses competition, booking a slot at that summer’s Bloodstock Festival, before signing with Hostile Media Records for the release of their debut E.P.

Hearalding the end of another solar cycle, Archaic Malevolence was released in December 2017 receiving wide critical praise from the metal press and further cementing their reputation as a band on the rise.
They are currently writing their debut album, scheduled for release in 2020, and unleashed the monstrous single ‘The Rache’ in September of 2019.

A couple years ago, Infected Dead Released their debut EP “Archaic Malovence” and with that, came The Crawling Chaos that is “Resurrectionist”. Watch the music video for the single below! 

Lets see what Lou Edd has to say about Vocalzone!

“Since discovering Vocalzone it has become an important part of my pre and post gig/rehearsal ritual. I use it before and after every show we play as well as on the days following a heavy practice.”

“Recently when we were on tour with Reprisal my stash of Vocalzone got ruined by a leaky bottle, after a few days without my pastilles my throat was feeling really strained to the point where i’d nearly lost my voice. Thankfully Tom (Reprisal Vocalist) gave me his last Vocalzone teabag and within an hour felt more than capable of getting through the final show of the run, it literally saved the performance.”

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