Hi Tech Hate

Hi Tech Hate is the brain child of Arkansas native, Travis Grigg.

Heavy and melodic without becoming a part of the cheese that Hollywood loves to breed in; Hi Tech Hate’s music has matured from a rampaging beast crushing everything in its path to a surgical tool of unprecedented precision. With songs like ‘Degeneration, ‘Suckerpunch’, and ‘Movin’ On’ Hi Tech Hate has become a new force for Hollywood to contend with.

Watch Hi Tech Hate perform live below!

Moving out west to Los Angeles, Hi Tech Hate took on a new form of musical attitude. Hollywood provided more than just a new avenue to bring Hi Tech Hate to the world; it also gave Grigg a new target. Instead of focusing on the dehumanization caused by technology, Hi Tech Hate had new enemies to attack. In addition to his nonstop fight with mass media consumption, Grigg found a new enemy in the music industry and the soulless shadows and empty dreams that Hollywood feeds off of.

The band have recently completed a radio ad campaign to raise awareness of their latest EP, with more projects planned in the future. They have also made some great progress on the billboard charts, and are working on more and more musical projects throughout 2020 and beyond.

Let’s see what Travis Grigg has to say about Vocalzone!

“If you have any dry throat, discomfort, or irritation in your throat Vocalzone is the cure for that. In either studio or live situations VocalZone helps you stay in the zone.”

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