Heathen Deity


From the dark moors of the Midlands comes Heathen Deity!

HEATHEN DEITY was formed in 1998 by frontman Dagon, with the sole intention to create the true essence of English Black Metal and to also pay tribute to the masters of the genre that had inspired them.

HEATHEN DEITY allowed Dagon to delve deep into a dark psyche and explore his interest in Satanic ideology and esoteric writings, which, combined with the infernal melodies and atmospheres laid down by guitarist Azrael set the band apart from their peers.

Recently bringing their own brand of darkness to Hammerfest 2019, watch them unleash what they do best in video below!

n 1999 the band recorded their demo “Whispers of the Unlight“.  Containing both elements of Symphonic and Raw Black Metal. This was followed up in 2002 with the release of the EP “For the Glory of Satan – Walpurgisnacht“, this was a much needed shift in sound to true, raw attack that the band would become synonymous with.

Live dates across the UK would ensue from 2002 until 2004, securing support to the likes of Hecate Enthroned and Hell Born. 2004 would see the band enter a 10 year hiatus, unfortunately brought on based on personal reasons within the band.

Heres the soul blackening track ‘Gut The Church‘ below 

2014 would see HEATHEN DEITY rear it’s head once more with core members Dagon and Azrael united again. Several tribute album appearances would ensue and work upon the debut full length would proceed where it was left off many years ago. The band’s first live rebirth performance would be held at “The Blackwood Gathering” in the forests of Cumbria, in support to Finnish Black Metal band “Horna”. In front of a packed, ravenous audience HEATHEN DEITY was truly reborn.

Lets see what Dagon has to say about Vocalzone!!

“This maybe not what you want to hear but I don’t use Vocalzone before a gig because it clears my voice up too much!  I need the rasp and the grimness in my voice to achieve the vocal style I need for Heathen Deity.  I use the lozenges after a show to calm my vocal chords and throat down when needed.”

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