Found Missing?

Found Missing? are an Essex based rock band, formed from the ashes of the bands Twelvepointhead and La Muerte. 

With a pedigree of musicians, all members have achieved success in many different forms. Having releases with bands including Cosmic Joker, Primary Slave, Quantum Bigfoot, Twelvepointhead, Niota and La Muerte. Also supporting many known acts over the years such as Fun Loving Criminals, Motorhead, Therapy and Sikth to name a few.

Watch Found Missing?’s latest music video for ‘Now I’m Awake’ below!

Found Missing? has seamless songwriting and unbreakable harmonies with a tasteful rhythmic groove. The EP has you covered for an energetic musical experience. Being described as “Metal Jam” (Pearl Jam with moments of Red Hot Chili Peppers).

Let’s see what Justin Brett has to say about Vocalzone!

“I’ve used Vocalzone for years on tour and recordings. They’re the ultimate best friend for a singer I feel lost without them they really do work they’re little miracle pastilles”

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