Fear Me December


Formed in 2012, Fear Me December is a clear example of dedication and passion for music.

The band started the journey in back in Argentina formed by Victoria (bass guitar and vocals) and Valentin (lead guitars) and was finally relocated in the UK on 2014 to pursue the goal of becoming an international act. The band effort has started to bear fruit after their first EP ‘Between Violence and Silence’ released in 2016. Album That opened new doors touring UK from side to side and featuring in local magazines and radios.

Check out Fear Me December’s latest music video ‘Not Wired The Same’ below.

In 2017 the band finally closed a circle to step into a new era when Tony (drummer) and Stuart (rhythm guitar) joined as stable members and started writing new material for the next EP ‘Crystallized’ to be released on September the 7th of 2018. . This new fresh, heavier and toxic shows evolution of Fear Me December, a band that doesn’t fit in one single genre. With heavy metal riffs combined with melodic metal melodies and strong pop-punk vocals.

Hardened with experience, here is the music video for Fear Me Decembers single ‘Crystalized’.

Let’s see what Victoria Cabanellas has to say about Vocalzone!

“As a singer it’s really important for me to keep my voice in optimal condition and recover quickly after a show, specially when on tour. That’s why I always have some Vocalzone in my bass case. It’s like 21st century vegan-magic”

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