Electric Cake Salad


Electric Cake Salad are an alternative/electro/rock band from the Midlands, UK. The trio is comprised of Steve Gianolio-Jones (guitar, vocals, programming), Rob Leaver (bass) and Mick Morrell (guitar, backing vocals).

Electric Cake Salad burst onto the UK scene back in 2005 with a distorted mix of crunching guitars, pulsing drum loops and midi samples. They effortlessly traverse a multitude of different genres, fusing together 80s and 90s rock and old-school rave and electro. Even styles as diverse as dance, drum and bass, electronica and hip-hop are not beyond their fingertips; they have meddled with them all, taking them apart and stitching them back together in their own unique way.

Their track ‘Baby Firefly’ was voted number 1 on TBFM Internet Radio. Have a listen below.

Critics, too, have been quick to point out how unusual Electric Cake Salad’s methods are, with notable reviews in Record Collector Magazine, Pure Rawk Magazine, Vive Le Rock and Louder Than War. They have also received international and regular airplay on TBFM Radio and various internet and FM stations.

Signed by Frenchy Gloder to Flicknife Records in 2014, Electric Cake Salad released a three-track EP in 2015 to critical acclaim and airplay.

Here is one of Electric Cake’s Salad earlier single’s ‘Dimenticato’.

“A truly unique direction, that mix elements of rock with electronica for a refreshingly original and exciting sound.” 

Surface Unsigned

On April 18th 2016, Electric Cake Salad released their debut album, ‘Subdiffusion’ for Flicknife Records (SHARPCD16079). The album has been released as a download, CD and vinyl.   This 13-track album also features a live track.

2018, begins with Electric Cake Salad entering the studio to complete the follow up to ‘Subdiffusion’ again with Flicknife Records and will see them hitting the stage with dates planned across the UK and Europe!

Let’s see what Steve Gianlio-Jones has to say about Vocalzone!

“Vocalzone has proven to be a well-established pre-show routine for me. Some of our shows are outside and some inside, experienced by lots of bands and singers alike.  The trouble I have is moving from a nice, warm backstage area into an outside stage or from outside into a hot and sweaty stage area. This plays havoc with my voice and throat.  So, I warm up with a Vocalzone tea about half-an-hour before our show, do some vocal warm-ups and take a lozenge.  I’ll likely have a pack onstage too and take if we have a particularly long set. All in all, Vocalzone gives me confidence as part of my warm-up routine to last my entire performance!”

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