Dude Trips


Going from strength to strength is Dude Trips!

Since forming in late summer 2016, the band have so far released two EPs: Sad Lads—written on a whim in an attic, with the end goal of playing a single show in Aberdeen—and Keepsake, which was mostly written in a renovated granny flat.

Also supporting bands such as As It Is, Astroid boys & Woes.. the band have received high praise from Alex Baker of Kerrang!

With their debut album ‘Through Love And Death, You’re All I Have Left’ serving as the band’s first real fully formed piece of studio work, it’s a weightier affair than their previous records, whilst retaining the raw emotion of earlier releases.

Watch the most recent music video for ‘In Between Days’.

“Emotionally charged rock, brilliant!” – Alex Baker from Kerrang!

Their band may have started as a bit of fun between childhood friends, but as with all music, theirs has really started to live and breathe as they begin to find an audience, and it’s something that has had a profound effect on the young Scots. “In recent months, we’ve had a few people reach out and tell us that our music has helped them through some tough times,” says Ross. “If we can process our feelings through our music, and the listeners can too, then that will drive us to make music for as long as we possibly can.”

Watch the music video for their track ‘Documentry’

Lets see what Dude Trips have to say about Vocalzone!

“We rely heavily on Vocalzone products to get us through a show/tour. Using Vocalzone ensures us that we’ll get through a show sounding our absolute best.”

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