Crimson Throne


Crimson Throne is a Black Metal/Atmospheric band based in the South of the UK.

The band released a self titled EP on Apocalyptic Witchcraft (EU) & Red River Family Records (US) in March 2017. The band have played a flurry of shows and UK tours since then.

From their debut record ‘Of Void And Solitude’ comes ‘Sightless Remnants’. listen below!

“The UK band have nailed that 90’s black metal sound, from the ice-cold guitar tone right down to the piercingly high-pitched rasps.” Terrorizer 8/10

“England’s Crimson Throne is bent on achieving that very goal, proudly borrowing from the Norwegian and Swedish greats of the 90s while blending some classic heavy metal and a bit of melodic thrash in as well. They retain the dark and evil atmosphere of 2nd-wave black metal while adding some extra swagger and guitar solos. Think of them as a rawer take on Primordial, with vocals that blend the high-pitched fury of early Gorgoroth with the whispering rasps of Beherit and Demoncy” – Decibel Magazine

“Everything you could want from your traditional black metal classics is on display with this EP. The first two tracks are pure Norwegian goodness filled with mysterious and foreboding guitar melodies and snarling vocals. The hooks are catchy in a cold and thrashy kind of way; similar to those heard on the albums like Frost and Vikinligr Veldi, and with a few solos for good measure. But things take a twist in the second hald towards a more ambient version to impending horror of “Fog of War.” Not unlike Schammasch and Titaan, Crimson Throne are able to approach the darkness of this genre from more than one angle.” –

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