Founded a little more than a couple of years ago, CENTURIES have already been described as one of the new faces of Metalcore

With members both from the hive that is London and the vibrant city of Brighton, they personify these in equal measure with both the seeping message within the music they perform with the heavy grit to go alongside cementing their place in the underground scene that has grown swiftly in the south.

Listen to their brand new single ‘Empty Vessels’ where they are joined by Kadeem France & Erik Bickerstaff from Loathe!

“Make no mistake, CENTURIES are a band here to stay, one of the highlights of the UK Metal Underground scene…” – Metal Noise

Politically driven, forward thinking and with a determined independence, CENTURIES blend atmosphere with crushing riffs in what discovered magazine have referred to as the “new age of metalcore”. CENTURIES have started as they mean to go on with their narrative on the “Fractured political landscape of modern society”. An outlet for political and social commentary, CENTURIES believe in delivering important lyrical messages and realisations to the listener.

From the very begginging, here is ‘Awake’ released via Beheading The Traitor.

“A landscape of utterly bleak incendiary post-metalcore…it’s crushing, it’s raw – it’s rage against the mess we’ve got ourselves into” – Alex Baker

Let’s see what Nathan and Dan have to say about Vocalzone!

“On tour, Vocalzone is a lifesaver for us! Harsh, screamed vocals, as well as singing, is a proper workout for your vocals and without any pre-care or aftercare you can be left feeling worn out and not prepared for the rest of the shows. But with one Vocalzone before and after the show you can really look after your voice!”

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