Bad Solution


Already making a name for themselves. These London Rockers are turning a wave into a tsunami!

Bad Solution were formed in 2011 by guitarists, Trix and Mariusz. Originally made up of all Polish members, in November 2011 British vocalist Alex Willox took over as the frontman adding a new energy and sound to the bands music.

Check out the single “Dear Sara” below

In December 2013, drummer Mariusz Burzynski unfortunately announced his departure due to medical reasons, making way for British Metal Drummer, Joe Patterson. Wojtek Suberlak completes the line up. From the first rehearsal, there was an obvious musical connection throughout the new lineup.

After two months of playing together, Bad Solution made their live debut in Hammersmith, London for Poland’s most recognised charity (Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity). Having had such a great response from this show, Bad Solution hit the live scene all around the UK, and have shared the festival stages with some big names such as: Gallows, The Blackout, Soulfly to name a few.

Check out the single “Drowning” from their brand new album ” The War Within

As the ideal antidote to an average existence, Bad Solution are sure to be the poison of choice for rock/metal fans everywhere.The band have now released their critically acclaimed debut Album ‘The War Within’ August 4th 2017 Via Metal Mercenary Records.

Lets see what Alex Willox has to say about Vocalzone!!

“I first had a Vocalzone after a heavy night on tour with a bigger band than ours at the time (Soulfly) I was told they will work wonders for a croaky voice and boy were they right ever since that morning I’m buying two packets every week and I swear by them.

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