Arjuna’s Eye


Starting as a Progressive/groove-metal entity, Arjuna’s Eye was born in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada back in 2013.

Initially formed as a solo project from guitarist/composer Conor Nagle, (who selfreleased the bands’ debut album ‘The Invisible Landscape’ in 2014, before moving to Co, Cork in Ireland back in 2015),

Arjuna’s Eye slowly morphed into a five-piece touring/recording band, who have been crafting their constant evolving sound to present day, resulting in the release of their second album entitled “Amalgam” in October 2019.

Watch the brand new music video for their single ‘Trial Of The Grasses’.

Combining a captivating and aurally deep conglomerate of heavy sub-genres, that when spliced together, translate to a truly unique listening experience. Arjuna’s Eye specialise in creating a contemporary and refreshing sound, drenched in heavy riffs and powerful anthemic vocals, laced with progressive arrangements.

The band have shared stages with metal acts such as, Textures, Bloodshot Dawn, Exivious, Of Virtue, Words That Burn, and Reprisal over the last 2 years Arjuna’s Eye are only starting their campaign on reaching a bigger audience; and we urge you to get on board now.

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