12 Gauge Outrage


Causing a whirl-storm. 12 Gauge Outrage are tearing up the Isles.

“Playing through out the years in various acts since early teenage years, each member is no stranger to hard work and hard riffs. Formed in 2014, 12 Gauge Outrage are an Irish Heavy Metal band from Wexford. They have since played extensively through out Ireland progressively establishing themselves in the modern metal scene. Often described as having a style that’s been forgotten, their new age thrash like riffs and performance has been described as tight and enjoyable to watch.

Taking influence from various metal genres, their music  combines heavy riffs with melodic leads paired off with aggressive singing that fans of thrash and modern metal will love. Often this band has been compared to the likes of Metallica, Diamond Head, Trivium, Machine Head, Iron Maiden to name a few.

On their debut album ‘Deadly Sins’ Irish thrashers 12 Gauge Outrage blew a hole welcoming their killer track ‘Fallen’.

From the get go, they recorded a four track EP “About Time” releasing it within months of forming and began gigging instantly to promote the release. The follow up to this EP came a year later in the form of an album “Deadly Sins” which was self recorded, produced and mastered. With the launch of the album came more opportunities and new locations to play, a newer audience and a larger reach.

They are currently working on a new EP to be released by the summer of this year. They plan to head across the waters and to the furthest point of Ireland in the promotion of the EP and to ever expand the name 12 Gauge Outrage. Music is their passion, catchy choruses and heavy riffs are in their veins.

Living up to their name in all their fiery glory in ’12 Gauge Shotgun’.

12 Gauge Outrage have gigged extensively throughout locations in Ireland alongside bands that include Conjuring Fate, during their “Valley of Shadows” tour, Zhora, Animator, Warpath and Psykosis. Most recently they were voted to support The Raven Age on their Dublin show of the “Age of the Raven” tour in the Academy.”

Let’s see what Ciaran Bryne has to say about Vocalzone!!

“I had been having trouble with remedies to soothe my voice since day one of singing in 12 Gauge Outrage, that is until one day our bassist had been recommended Vocalzone lozenges. I tried one and was convinced instantly of the benefits. I purchased two packs that night and have had one before singing every practice and every show since.”

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