Vega bring the best of the old school and bring it to the new age!

VEGA were formed following a meeting between Nick Workman, Dan Chantrey and twins James and Tom Martin at the Z Rock Festival at JBs in Dudley, 29/30 May 2009. The Martin brothers had been in a number of bands and had written songs for a selection of artists and bands including Khymera, Danny Vaughn, Joe Lynn Turner and Tommy Funderburk, many of these for the Frontiers label. They had discussed forming a band with Frontiers management, proposing Nick Workman as lead vocalist.

It was during their time with Kryah and The Station Club that James and Tom first teamed up with Dan Chantrey, who played drums for both bands, and currently plays drums for VEGA. Frontman Nick Workman established a name for himself in Kick and then Eden.

Following the meeting at Z Rock Festival, songs were penned for a debut album, all these recorded between the summer and November 2009. Kiss Of Life was released by Frontiers Records on 6 December 2010.. Drummer Dan Chantrey proposed the name VEGA for the band.

Proving their worth, here is ‘Worth Dying For’.

An early taste of the album came in October 2012 with the release of the single White Knuckle Ride. Following album release, a UK tour support-slot with FM followed, and then later in the year a few extra dates as headliners.

Between the recording and actual release of the What The Hell! album Marcus Thurston became a bona fide member of the band, officially joining in February 2013.

VEGA’s third album, Stereo Messiah was released by Frontiers Records on 17 October 2014. The album was recorded in Reading and produced by John Mitchell, guitarist and singer with It Bites. It included a cover of Def Leppard’s “10x Bigger Than Love”, with backing vocals by Joe Elliot.

To promote Stereo Messiah VEGA did a short four-date headlining tour in November 2014, and in December 2014 supported Joe Elliot’s Down ‘n’ Outz

The song ‘Explode’ just shows a little sample of why these guys are going strong!

it was confirmed that drummer Dan Chantrey had been asked to leave the band following the Dan Reed Network tour. In the statement on VEGA’s official website, Nick Workman confirmed that upcoming VEGA gigs will go ahead as planned, with a new drummer to be announced in due course who in turn was Martin John Hutchinson (Hutch).

With Vega working on yet another album without a name yet these guys know how to win over a crwon at many dates..and soon they will win over you too!

Let’s see what Nick Workman has to say about Vocalzone!!

“I have always used Vocalzone pastilles as part of my warm-up routine before a show and also as part of my warming down routine after a show. The pastilles work so well and preparing my voice for 90 minutes of wide-ranging singing. The pastilles also enable me to show after show without losing my voice because of there soothing nature. Then I came across the new Vocalzone tea and now I won’t go onstage without it. The tea is so smooth and tastes amazing. Weather i am recording in the studio or performing on-stage Vocalzone is a major part of my performance.”

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