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Singing Lessons

Are you a singing teacher or having a course of singing lessons? Do you find that some days your throat is dry and irritated? Or perhaps you get a bad throat from excessive singing and speaking? Then look no further as Vocalzone throat lozenges are the solution you’ve been looking for.
Many of our customers are singing teachers who teach almost daily and find their throat becomes dry and sore from the amount of singing they do. We also have a lot of singing students who are new to singing, or undergoing an intense singing course who find the same problem occurs with their throat.
Vocalzone is the perfect solution – it is made from all natural ingredients with myrrh being the active ingredient that treats a sore throat. This makes singing and public speaking a lot less uncomfortable, boosting your confidence and avoiding that ‘closed up throat’ sensation.
Other ingredients menthol and peppermint oil soothe and calm your throat, making singing much more painless. You can buy as many packs of Vocalzone as you like from our site; we give free delivery to orders over £50. So if you're a singing teacher, why not stock up for your singing school and students?
Vocalzone sore throat pastilles are used by many famous singers and public speakers including Sir Tom Jones, Katherine Jenkins, Jonnie Owen and Jay Z. Don’t let a bad throat get in the way of your singing ambitions; order some Vocalzone pastilles today!