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Singing Competitions

Do you have a huge singing competition coming up shortly? What about an audition for that ultimate talent contest or lead singer position in a band? If your answer is yes and you feel like a bag of nerves, then relax. With Vocalzone throat pastilles you can arrive at your competition or audition as cool as a cat.
This is because Vocalzone throat pastilles can help treat a sore throat. The active ingredient of myrrh soothes a sore throat that is caused by stress, smoking, excessive speaking /singing or from the common cold. By taking Vocalzone pastilles you can sing at ease, conquering your sore, dry throat and head to that audition with a new found confidence!
Many of our customers try Vocalzone throat lozenges for the first time in preparation for a singing competition or audition. We are told countless times that Vocalzone really helped them get through their audition, and as a result they become a regular customer! We love helping singers improve their vocals while a throat is under the weather and not feeling its best!
Why not order your Vocalzone pastilles today? Keep a pack in your bag in case that sore throat rears its ugly head. Our active ingredient myrrh is anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiseptic, astringent and antimicrobial, ensuring that a bad throat is soothed in an instant. Don’t let a bad throat get in the way of your singing dreams!
Many famous speakers and singers use Vocalzone when they have a sore throat, these include; Sir Tom Jones, Katherine Jenkins, Tinchy Stryder and James Hetfield.