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Do you sing in a band or group? Have you ever wondered how singers like Vince Neil (Motley Crue) keep performing day after day on a world tour? They use Vocalzone Throat Pastilles, and now you can too.
Created 100 years ago for opera singers Vocalzone is a unique blend of natural ingredients that has been used by professional performers ever since. The natural active ingredients, specifically formulated for singers, actors and voice professionals are Myrrh, Menthol and Peppermint Oil. They contain no artificial colours or flavours and are ideal for ensuring that very member of the band is at the top of their game.
Some bands have described Vocalzone as insurance for their performance, and it becomes part of their professional routine. Vocalzone contain Myrrh, which is anti-inflammatory, helping your band rehearse more and have shorter recovery times between gigs. 
A great band relies on all members being able to perform at the peak of their abilities on the night of the performance.  As there is no limit to the amount of Vocalzone throat Pastilles you can buy from this site, why don’t you stock up for the whole group.  We offer free delivery on all UK orders over £50.
Vocalzone is a truly unique product used by band and groups the world over. From pop stars like Robbie Williams (Take That) and Rob Thomas (Matchbox 20) to rock stars like Jonnie Owen (The Last Republic) Vocalzone is the professionals choice.