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Then V-Team - Vocalzone Video Series for Singers and Voice Professionals

Vocalzone & The V-Team

Episode 3

Nutrition and Lifestyle: Start With The Basics

By Steve Giles

We are excited to release another episode of our long-awaited video series for singers and voice professionals presented by the V-Team. 
Is there a magic formula for your voice? In his first video on Nutrition and Lifestyle Steve Giles talks about what really works for your voice. 
Find out why we should look at our voices more holistically and look after our entire body to ensure our vocal cords remain healthy in excellent condition. 
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Coming soon: Vocal health tips; vocal fitness/care; dealing with cracks in the voice; singing high notes; vocal styles; reducing vocal strain; training tips; vowel tuning; vocal nuances; warming up/down; solving vocal problems; vocal remedies; pronunciation...and many more. 
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Meet The V-Team

International vocal coach Steve Giles is one of the most connected vocal coaches in the world. He has lectured workshops at conservatoires and vocal development programs in the UK and USA. As a singer, he's shared the stage with acts such as The Drifters and Alexander O'Neal and even sung for HRH The Prince of Wales. As a coach, he’s worked with singers on the Channel 5 show ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ (2010) and also in collaboration with celebrity choir Master Gareth Malone OBE on the BBC.

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