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Then V-Team - Vocalzone Video Series for Singers and Voice Professionals

Vocalzone & The V-Team

Episode 1

Vocal Technique: Vowel Tuning Part 1

By Chris Johnson 

We are excited to release the first episode of our long-awaited video series for singers and voice professionals presented by the V-Team. In his first video on vowel modification Chris Johnson introduces you to the concept of vowel tuning and explains how it can:
  • reduce strain
  • add more power to your voice
  • help you sing with less effort 
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Vocalzone Throat Pastilles have teamed up with voice gurus Chris, Line, Steve and Josh to form the V-Team in order to deliver professional advice for singers as well as those who work with their voice on a daily basis. The V-Team has experience of working with singers, voice professionals (public speakers, actors, news presenters, school teachers), voice teachers and SLT’s (speech and language therapists). They are here to share their knowledge in this informative and motivational series of videos that will help you build a lifestyle of good vocal care and vocal development. 
Coming soon: Vocal health tips; vocal fitness/care; dealing with cracks in the voice; singing high notes; vocal styles; reducing vocal strain; training tips; vowel tuning; vocal nuances; warming up/down; solving vocal problems; vocal remedies; pronunciation...and many more. 
Highly recommended for hard-working voices!
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Meet The V-Team

Chris is a passionate and experienced vocal coach with a flair for helping vocalists reach new heights in their vocal ability, fast. His talents have taken him international to teach vocals at development programs like the world famous VocalizeU Artist Intensive in Los Angeles. Chris works with a huge range of voices and genres in his singing lessons, and his clients include West End performers, chart rock bands and even professional classical sopranos. 

The V-Team video series is brought to you by Vocalzone Throat Pastilles - Helping Singers and Voice Professionals for over 100 years. 
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