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Until you lose your voice, you will not realise how essential it is.

It’s difficult to teach in a school and not strain your voice! It’s not only the hours of speaking and interacting that you do every day, but also the bad weather, heated rooms, poor acoustics, colds and infections that all contribute towards vocal strain. Add on the number of years in teaching you have to your name and you will quickly begin to see exactly why your voice may be feeling overworked and under rested. In fact, 50% of teachers experience a voice disorder at some point in their career.


At Vocalzone, we realise that teacher’s workload is extremely high. On average primary and secondary school teachers work more than 50 hours a week. They also do on average 12 hours of unpaid overtime a week, which is the highest than any other group of employees. Classroom teachers in most schools report teaching 19 to 20 hours a week. That’s approximately a third of their time spent on using their voice at work. Intense workload also leads to health problems, stress and anxiety which increase the risk of developing a vocal problem.
Vocal problems make teachers to leave profession prematurely, or be absent for long periods of time. This is distressing for the teachers concerned, disruptive for the education of their pupils and expensive for schools. Therefore, as an expert in helping hard-working voices, it is Vocalzone's mission to provide teachers with information about the importance and benefits of a healthy vocal regime. Simply click on the buttons below to access a wealth of free resources and tips to help you to maintain a clear and reliable voice.

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