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The World's #1 Throat Pastille

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Benefits of using Vocalzone

  • Soothes and clears
  • Relieves from throat irritation 
  • Helps keep a clear voice
  • Contains natural active ingredients
  • No Artificial flavours or colours


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More Information

Vocalzone Throat Pastilles were created over 100 years ago for the first superstar of the recording age, the Great Enrico Caruso. 

If you are a professional or amateur singer, regularly speak or present in public or rely on your voice for your livelihood Vocalzone should be part of your routine.

Vocalzone Throat Pastilles are a unique blend of natural ingredients formulated to provide powerful relief from irritated throats caused by excessive singing, speaking or smoking.  Get the Vocalzone habit now!

Travelling back in time with Limited Edition Vocalzone Pocket Tins!
As Vocalzone Throat Pastilles have been celebrating 100 years of helping hard working voices we are excited to release all Limited Edition Pocket Tins for sale.
You will recieve a free pocket tin if you order 5 packs of Vocalzone. Simply specify in "Delivery Notes"on checkout which tin you would like to receive. 
Limited Edition tins are website exclusive, so you will not get them anywhere else!

Order 5 Packs of Vocalzone and Receive a Free Handy Pocket Tin*


1912 Gold Edition 

To find out more about the 1912 Gold Vocalzone Pocket Tin click here.

1950s Classic Edition 



1980s Musical Note Edition 




1990s Edition 


Vocalzone Pocket Tin 

Vocalzone Throat Pastilles are pleased to make available the super slim, sliding lid tin to protect your Vocalzone.


Available from this website for £2.99, or free if you order 5 packets of Vocalzone, it is the perfect way to protect your Vocalzone if you are gigging or performing. To find out more about Vocalzone Pocket Tin click here.


*Buy 5 packs and recieve a free pocket tin is limited to 1 tin per order.