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DD Allen - Vocalzone Live Session

Published on Friday, Jan 27 2017 by




The Vocalzone Live Session Series just cranked it up a notch as DD Allen joined us in the studio to perform an unplugged version of 'Just Like The Old Days' the lead track from his forthcoming album. 


Whilst ‘Just Like The Old Days’ arrives with all the determined intent of a contemporary ‘Killers’ stadium anthem, what soon emerges is a subtle and poignant statement which sits comfortably between Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers; containing a ‘Britishness’ that is both distinguishable and translatable. 
Having supported the likes of James Blunt, DD Allen's career has moved swiftly, and so too has his music. Across its towering sound and Dylan-esque song craft, his new music is a mesmerising rock infused folk tour de force
" Driven by an emotion-packed melody that colours the lead guitar as well as the chorus line, 'Just Like The Old Days’ is a resounding anthem. "
- Atwood Magazine
 " I listen to hundreds of new albums a year but it has been a very long time since I have heard more beautifully written songs. Think Dylan, Think Neil Young, DD Allen really is that good. "
- Louder Than War
At Vocalzone, we love working with talented up and coming artists, and this live session is no exception. Watch the performance below and prepare to be captivated...
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