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7 Iconic Irish Songs To Get You In The Mood For St. Patrick's Day

Published on Wednesday, Mar 15 2017 by

If you’re not drinking Guinness at a boisterous St. Patrick’s Day party today, don't worry, we have just the playlist to transport you there!
And if you are, then keep your ears open for some of these classic Irish songs from over the ages.
Finnegan’s Wake – The Irish Rovers
What better song to kick off with than the brilliant Finnegan’s Wake. This humorous Irish shanty tells the happenings of (what should have been) a very solemn affair.
Whiskey in the jar – Thin Lizzy
Here’s one of the biggest bands to come out of Dublin, with their unmistakable version of a traditional Irish classic. Need I say more about this one?
Galway girl – Sharon Shannon and Steven earle
Although written by an American Steve Earle, Sharon Shannon has since performed ‘Galway Girl’ with Mundy taking it to Number 1 and making it the 8th best-selling single in Irish history. It’s impossible to listen to this without fighting the urge to jump up and dance.
The Fields of Athenry – Paddy O’reilly
Set during the Great Irish Famine, it’s the tale of a man who was caught stealing food for his starving family. It’s not a foot stamper, but no doubt a poignant and iconic reminder of the hard times that were faced.
Seven Drunken Nights – The Dubliners
A feel-good and hilarious countdown of a week’s worth of drunken antics that I think some of us could in some way relate to…
The Wild Colonial Boy – The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem
This awesome tune really takes it back a few years. Performed by easily one of the most influential Irish folk groups of late, The Clancy Brothers.
The Irish Rover – The Pogues and The Dubliners
Your challenge: Try to not smile/move your feet/break into a full Irish jig.
Go on, I dare you…
Well there you have it, a snapshot into the plethora of outstanding Irish music that’s bound to put you in the mood for a good knees up…
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!