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Stevie McCrorie

Published on Tuesday, Dec 15 2015 by

"I have been using Vocalzone for about 7 years, they are my comfort blanket when I am singing a lot.  They were beside me through The Voice and at every gig I play. It's fair to say I love them"
Stevie McCrorie
Stevie McCrorie was the winner of the 4th series of The Voice UK on BBC1.  Currently he is in the process of releasing his new album.
Songs evoking feeling are what Stevie has in spades. The spine-tinglingly beautiful Don’t Go’ is an album highlight and could soundtrack a Richard Curtis movie. "The feelings came from me but I wanted the song to come from Amy's perspective of me leaving to make the album,” he explains. The track is a collaboration with David Sneddon, the first winner of BBC1’s Fame Academy. We really hit it off and have great chemistry,” he says. If We Wait’ is another fine collaboration between the pair. Stevie adds: “It talks about growing up on streets you love - they make you who you are.” 
Stevie commuted from Scotland to London to record with a notebook - which Ricky bought him -full of lyrics, and melodies which had buzzed in his head for years. "I didn't want to take the easy route,” he says firmly. “I wanted to take the harder approach to prove I am a songwriter and always have been since I was a teenager. The public wants to hear real stories. People aren't as open in songs as much as they used to be. I want to put the listener in my shoes.” No track does that better than sure-fire hit ‘Lungs’, a gentle ballad which builds to a tear-jerking finale. "The lyrics are quite bold, about embracing what you've got in life,” admits Stevie. “My brother says it's motivational song and he listens to it in the shower.”   
Getting out gigging is something Stevie is itching to do. You instantly know from one listen of his brilliant album that his gigs will feel like a family party. His fan base are now long-lost relatives joining him on this ride, and his band will include old friends.