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Simon Kaviani

Published on Thursday, Apr 21 2016 by

"I've been using Vocalzone for 12 years after an opera singer I knew performed an entire show, whilst having the worst sore throat she said she'd ever had. I asked her how she got through it and she just said 'Vocalzone'. Vocalzone has helped me get through so many important gigs when my throat has been bad and if I've had an intense period of gigging, I'll also take a lozenge the morning after a show, as it helps to soothe my throat and help get rid of any hoarseness singers can often get the morning after a show. I wouldn't use anything else and can't recommend Vocalzone enough."
Simon Kaviani
Simon Kaviani is a singer-songwriter, originally from Sheffield, now based in London, via Nashville and Dublin. He released his debut EP 'Fools Rush In' in January 2015 and has embarked on three successful UK & Irish tours, one with ex Deep Purple and Rainbow frontman Joe Lynn Turner, the second with Mr. Big frontman, Eric Martin.  He has just completed his third tour of the year with Black Star Riders/ Thin Lizzy singer and guitarist Ricky Warwick & Damon Johnson. Kaviani's lyrics cover a whole breadth of issues, not just the usual tales of heartache and sorrow and his rock influences are evident throughout his set. Be sure to catch him at his upcoming shows!
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