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Simon Hall (Beholder)

Published on Monday, Feb 3 2014 by

"The necessity to look after my voice, either on tour or in the studio, has seen me use pretty much everything - until I was introduced to Vocalzone. Performing at the intensity that the band  delivers, I've had to rely on Vocalzone to get me through on occasions and they've never failed. Great product." - Simon Hall
Career Details
People best know Simon for fronting the metal band Beholder, which is a project started back in 2003. Beholder has now developed into something that is engrained into the mind set of many heavy metal music fans. With 4 releases, including the latest "Order Of Chaos" album releasedin  2013. Beholder have been hailed as the "Standard Bearers of Britain's Traditional Metal Renaissance" by the likes of Metal Hammer, Classic Rock and more, Beholder have been likened to the British band that offers a full package INTENSITY, POWER AND HONESTY!
As does his passion for helping bands through the Metal 2 The Masses initiative set up by Bloodstock Open Air, where he works 24/7 to entice and nurture developing live and recording artists not only to compete against the influx of entertainment offerings outside of music, but also be part of developing the bands of tomorrow. 
You tube link:  (Toxic Nation - live from Bloodstock Open Air)