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Polar Collective

Published on Tuesday, Jan 5 2016 by

"The reason we love Vocalzone is that it allows us to carry on performing, carry on recording, and carry on doing what we do, when without it we wouldn't be able to. It's saved us from sore throats and squeaky voices countless times, and it never lets us down."
Adam Dodd, Jake Cardy, Ally Newbigging, Gryphen Ford - Polar Collective.
Polar Collective started as 4 friends, 4 years ago in college, with the plan to jam together and just see what would happen. They began performing at their college, Suffolk One, which then led onto them playing gigs in their local town of Ipswich. Despite only being a recently formed band they quickly gained a strong local following, it was then that they realised it had become more than just a few friends jamming together, and that it could become their future.
They have taken every opportunity they can, gigging at every possibly occasion, doing acoustic sessions for YouTube channels, working with producers, and everything else in between.
2015 saw some amazing opportunities, including features in national magazines, sold out shows around the country, their music being featured in the Friday’s Download’s ‘Up All night’ film and much more.
They have also had the chance to work with some pretty well known brands, including, Levi’s, River Island, Yves Saint Laurent. Most recently they can celebrate their endorsement with the number one throat pastille for the overuse of the voice… Vocalzone.
Polar Collective are one of our favourite up and coming bands, and we predict big things for them in the following year. Check out their previous Music Monday feature here, and listen to some more of their music, as well as how you can find them.