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Nick Holmes - Paradise Lost

Published on Friday, Jun 10 2016 by

I wouldn't do a show without Vocalzone, nothing else comes close. They make huge difference when talking in interviews, singing and even growling!
- Nick Holmes, Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost celebrate a career dating back to 1988, with their official recording debut in 1990 (Lost Paradise). The band has been riding and rollercoaster of highs and lows ever since.
Their following career had not only seen Paradise Lost create and define genres, but almost immediately transcend them. They released ‘Gothic’ in 1991, which was not so much an album title as the definition for an entire genre. The influence of their 1995 masterpiece, ‘Draconian Times’ still echoes loudly in today’s metal scene; with the likes of Cradle of Filth, Nightwish, and HIM owing a huge debt to their knack for injecting heavy rock with their trademark dark sheen.
In 2013 Paradise Lost celebrated their 25th Anniversary and were honoured with the ‘Inspiration’ award at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards.
If you don’t already know their music, which is very unlikely, you can check it out below. Have a listen to their latest album, 'The Plague Within'. 
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