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Networks - Sean Kelly

Published on Tuesday, Apr 26 2016 by

"We spend a lot of time away from home and sometimes you will certainly have rough days, Vocalzone has been a life saver for me and has enabled me to give the best show I can no matter how long you have been on the road for. Sometimes you can be two days into a tour or 10 and you will be having a rough day. But Vocalzone has always been something that I have had to hand to make sure I can deliver a great show every time I step onto that stage."
- Sean Kelly, Vocalist of Networks.
5 piece British melodic metalcore band Networks hail from Portsmouth, Hampshire, and are composed of Sean KellyVocals, Joe SoarGuitarist, Josh SladeGuitarist, Bobby BrooksBass, and Harry FielderDrums.
On the 27th of November 2015 the band released their latest EP ‘Enough to Save Us’, which followed their video release for ‘End of an Era’. In the same month Networks were featured in the Firing Range section of Metal Hammer Magazine as the ones to watch.
Established in the summer of 2014, with members coming from local bands, such as Set Your Sails, who had already shared the stage with acts including Hacktivist, While She Sleeps, Crossfaith, and Marmozets. They released their self-titled debut EP, ‘Networks’, through Viper Trail Recordings in July 2014. In the same year they also played Redfest alongside The Blackout, Slaves, Astroid Boys, and Create To Inspire.
After a few member changes in the band, they redirected their focus to writing and creating new music. In other words they have been perfecting their sound. 2016 is shaping up well and will see further releases and tours.
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