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Jerry Only

Published on Tuesday, Oct 27 2015 by

"Vocalzone takes the edge off and gives you confidence when your voice is battered. The Misfits perform 40-50 songs in 90 minutes... It's nonstop singing. I use a Vocalzone pastille right before we perform and it works great!
Jerry Only, Misfits
Jerry Only is an American musician well known for being the bassist and lead vocalist for the band Misfits. He has been credited with creating the infamous hairstyle, The Devilock.
Misfits is an American punk rock band. It is widely thought that the sub-genre ‘horror punk’ is to have descended from Misfits. Both of their early albums; ‘Walk Among Us’ (1982), and ‘Earth AD/ Wolf Blood’ (1983) are considered touchstones of the early hard-core punk movement. By the late 1990s and early 2000s their music had become influential to punk rock, heavy metal and alternative rock
Watch and Listen Below to some of their greatest hits.