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Guns of Anarchy

Published on Friday, May 27 2016 by

In Guns of Anarchy, we always have Vocalzone around in the band. We'll have them before a long practice session or before we hit the stage and it really makes a difference, especially when we recorded our EP! Through all the gigs, practice and recording, Vocalzone has helped give us that extra boost.”
Guns Of Anarchy
Guns of Anarchy is a Watford based melodic hard rock band formed in early 2013 by frontman/guitarist Ollie Tindall and drummer James Norkett after a chance encounter outside a local nightclub. Within weeks the line-up was complete with both Lex Gifford and Marty Venus on board. 
Fast forward and the duo now turned foursome had a repertoire of songs ready to unleash. Having opened for acts such as Guns 2 Roses, Damn Dice, Meanstead, New Device and Metalworks (to name but a few), they continue on, enlightening audiences to a sound which has all but disappeared from UK stages until now...
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