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Ellis Jones - Reign Eternal

Published on Tuesday, Mar 8 2016 by

Since 2014 we have been in this band, it feels like just yesterday we were practising in our mates bedrooms not having a clue what we were doing, staying up till 3am playing Metallica and parkway drive riffs, now it's 2 years down the line we have decided to step up our game as we feel we have experienced a show or 5 and have met some really amazing people.
We feel as we are currently in the process of planning our UK tour that Vocalzone will help us not only on stage on tour, but personally I've noticed progression since using them. Vocalzone is a brand in which I rely on for vocal warm ups and on stage performances.” Ellis jones, Reign Eternal.
Reign Eternal are a 5 piece metal-core outfit based in Exeter. Fresh onto the scene, having only been formed in 2014, they are making waves with their combination of melodic leads and heavy riffs. This band are destined for a bright future which is clear to see when listening to their debut single ‘Bloodwater’ followed by a release of their debut music video ‘Fighting Blind’ which caused a storm on social media attract interest from not only all around the UK but also overseas.
Reign Eternal are an easy listening mash up of all things heavy metal, including meaningful lyrics and a vibe that will give you no choice but to put your horns in the air, and head bang like never before.
Recently they have launched their second video to their third single, which coincides with their long awaited EP. Reign Eternal have transformed the mould for heavy metal music and created their own unique sound. From starting over a year ago this young band has accomplished a lot, from releasing their debut single to a full EP. Alongside gigs and music videos this band only look onward and upward.
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