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Dani Rankin

Published on Wednesday, Nov 4 2015 by

Since I discovered Vocalzone they have changed my life. I can now confidently perform knowing I can consistently keep up a high standard of vocal throughout the performance. I never leave for a show without them!” – Dani Rankin, Circus Junkie Rebels.
An adventure of lust and love, a one way ticket to hell and back, Circus Junkie Rebels tell their story of drunken mayhem and unhappy love affairs. Full of tales of dirty passions and rotten addictions this compilation of happy go lucky charm and dirt bag rock 'n' roll is enough to soothe anyone’s taste for lust
To date they have supported some major artists including Funeral For a Friend, OPM(Heaven is a Halfpipe) and the Thomas Nicholas Band(Kevin from American Pie) along with their very own Freak Show of angle grinders, fire breathers and a few itchy staples. Currently releasing their second single 'Shadows of Yesterday' in preperaiton for their album release in the spring of 2017, expect to see a lot more from this bunchj of misfits. 
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