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Chris Ready

Published on Wednesday, Nov 26 2014 by

“Since trying Vocalzone throat pastilles for the first time, I now use them religiously before every show. With the extreme touring schedules I do, I find that the pastilles really do help, and are the perfect aid for when the dreaded cold strikes”. - Chris Ready, Walkway



Career Details

Chris first started learning to play the guitar and keys from the age of 13. After a year or so of practice, he then moved onto developing his skills as a songwriter and vocalist. It was in early 2008 when Chris decided to put these talents to use and started up the band Walkway, along with his younger brother James.
Chris’ vocal influences include Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Steve Perry (Journey) and Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin). Chris’ passion for rock music is evident from his performance at shows. The crowd gets drawn in from his charismatic stage presence and distinct vocal style. Live is where Chris really excels.
Chris uses Sennheiser mics, Gibson and Jackson guitars and Blackstar amps.



At Vocalzone we have been lucky to receive a signed copy of Walkway's new album 'Streetwise'! These guys really rock!

You can get a copy of Streetwise on their official website:

Check out Walkway's official Facebook page: