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Charlie McCarthy

Published on Tuesday, Feb 2 2016 by

"Vocalzone is key whenever I sing. It opens up a whole other level where my vocals are concerned. I can hit higher & stronger notes, and feel a lot more comfortable doing so. Nowadays, I don't head to shows without a pack of Vocalzone in my back pocket
- Charlie McCarthy, Blind Tiger
"I use Vocalzone almost every day, just to make sure my voice always is clear, comfortable & ready to go at a moment’s notice. It's helped me through the colds, sore throats and a hoarse voice many a time. Using it when recording our EP with Grammy nominated rock producer Chris Tsangarides was a godsend, it really works at bringing our best performance. As soon as I popped in that VZ in the vocal booth, I knew I was ready"
Charlie McCarthy's Passion for music started when he was just 12 years of age, the first time he watched the classic ‘Sweet Child O Mine’ music video, this was when he first realised he was a rock n roller. This definitely had an influence on his voice over time.
As Charlie got older he began looking for similar music. Then he found Bon Jovi, who he describes as one of his biggest influencers.
After years learning, playing and discovering his sound Charlie and his 3 friends, Lewis Guyton, Andy Dunning, and Damon Moon formed Blind Tiger in 2009. Foot stomping Blind Tiger burst onto the scene and have been playing their own alternative rock to crowds across the UK ever since. Formed by four teenagers with the desire to play their own version of alternative rock, Blind Tiger have gone from playing in a caravan to recording a fully fledged professional album with the Grammy Nominated Producer Chris ‘CT’ Tsangarides in 2013.
Blind Tiger have spent their time honing their craft by playing bars, clubs, and festivals. They first started in their local Norwich area but soon moved across the UK. With the success of playing live across the UK they have matured as a band beyond their years. 
Their latest single 'Immortalized', which can be found below, is now available to pre-order on iTunes and Google Play.
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