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Carlinhos Brown

Published on Thursday, May 5 2011 by

“ It was the singer Bebel Gilberto who first told me about Vocalzone. One year, during Carnival in Salvador, Brazil, I was especially tired. I don’t overuse it, but whenever I need Vocalzone, they are fantastic! It helps me get through up to 8 hours of singing, which is normally the duration of my show during Carnival ”Carlinhos Brown

Career Details

Carlinhos  (Antonio Carlos Santos de Freitas) is one of Brazils foremost and most prolific recording artists. He has released 8 solo studio albums as well as collaborating on a further 8 albums as the leader of the musical group Timbolada. He has won 8 Latino Grammys and has been recognized by UNESCO for his tireless charity work with the youth of Brazil.