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Bear Makes Ninja

Published on Tuesday, May 24 2016 by

A lot of our songs rely on our 3-part harmonies and there's no way we could tour without Vocalzones. We have a very energetic show and in the past I found that after a few gigs in a row, I could hear the tiredness in my voice. I had tried throat sprays and lozenges in the past, but not really noticed any effect until I was introduced to Vocalzones. They really do help to maintain clarity and control in my voice night after night and I absolutely swear by them!
James (Guitar & Vocals)
Vocalzones definitely help my voice when performing. It gets rid of that “frog in your throat” feeling and takes away any soreness and helps my voice to be the best it can be. It keeps me singing through the long tours and I never sing live without them!
Karina (Drums & Vocals)
Doing the majority of the Vocals in the band I found on long tours my voice would soon get tired and at times I'd not be able to reach certain notes, even after vocal warm ups! Since I've found Vocalzones they have helped my voice to stay clear night after night and kept me going through colds and sore throats, which are a singer’s nightmare. Vocalzones are in my pocket at all times and I'd be lost without them at a gig!
Benji (Bass & Vocals
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