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Adam Sedgwick - King Leviathan

Published on Tuesday, Feb 23 2016 by

Since using Vocalzone after our first EP, I’ve not stopped using them and my voice has felt so much better for it. Throughout every tour, gig, and festival King Leviathan has performed at I’ve always had my Vocalzone with me to give my voice that extra support it needs, and I wouldn’t be without them.”
- Adam Sedgwick, King Leviathan
Adam Sedgwick has been a singer since childhood, starting in musicals then swiftly switching to metal after hearing Sabbath, Motorhead, Zeppelin, and Floyd from his mums record collection.
He now fronts Brighton based thrash mob King Leviathan, who, in only 18 months of existence, have already toured the UK extensively and performed at festivals including Bloodstock Open Air.
Check out King Leviathan’s latest music below. 
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