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Company History

Kestrel Medical Limited was incorporated in March 2001 when it purchased Vocalzone Throat Pastilles. It is a family business with all members of the family playing a key role in developing and nurturing the growth of the company.

The company is the Marketing Authorization Holder for Vocalzone Throat Pastilles. Vocalzone is a throat pastille developed in the early part of the 20th Century for the legendary tenor Enrico Caruso. He was struggling with a throat problem whilst performing at Covent Garden when he called on the services of William Lloyd F.R.C.S. a famous Ear Nose and Throat surgeon. William created his throat remedy for the Great Caruso little realizing the affect this would have on his life. Caruso was so impressed with the results that he retained William Lloyd as his physician, and travelling companion whenever he was embarking on challenging tour. He attended signor Caruso for 15 years, becoming a great friend, until his tragic death in 1921.
Vocalzone throat Pastilles have been on the market in the UK continuously for over 100 years and are still manufactured to the original formulation created for Caruso. They are available for purchase from this website, your local independent pharmacy and selected music stores.
Kestrel Medical is also the UK distributor for Otovent, the only clinically proven, non-surgical, drug free drug free treatment for Glue Ear. Otovent has been available on prescription in the UK since 2001 and as included in the NICE guidelines for the treatment of Glue ear in 2008. For more information visit